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Unique savoir-faire

Made with respect for traditions and using the best ingredients from Reunion Island, our Arranged Rums are 100% natural and artisanal, thus guaranteeing the pure essence of the island. Discover the meeting between tradition and modernity.

Exceptional and natural ingredients

a white rum from sugar cane rich in aromas

Our Rhums Arrangés are composed of white rum, fresh fruit and spices. The main characteristic of white rum, a true cane brandy, is its power.

Since the 17th century, the people of Reunion, men and women, have cultivated sugar cane with a multitude of hidden flavors and aromas which are only revealed once sublimated.

Sugarcane cultivation is a long and complex process. To reach their full potential, they must benefit from a specific climate and soil. The terroir of Reunion Island is a perfect match. From its harvest, the sugar cane goes through a total of 7 stages, before being sublimated and revealed in a Rhum Arrangé.

We source our supplies from a local distillery recognized worldwide for its know-how and the superior quality of its rum.

Bourbon Vanilla, one of the best vanillas in the world

Each of our Rhum Arrangé contains exceptional tropical spices, including the best vanilla in the world.

It is in the heart of the primary forests of Reunion island that we find a wealth renowned throughout the world: Bourbon vanilla or even Reunion vanilla.

The Reunion forests, which sheltered the first vanillas, grew on an 18th century lava flow. At the time, the island was one of the main plantation locations in the world and represented ¾ of global production. Reunion Island was once called “Bourbon Island”, this vanilla was then called Bourbon vanilla as a tribute to its land of origin.

Moreover, the meticulous process of growing vanilla was discovered in 1841 by Edmond Albius, a young slave from Reunion Island.

A careful selection of local fruits

What would an exceptional Rhum Arrangé be without its sunshine-filled, fresh fruits?
When choosing our fruits, as for all of our raw materials, quality and freshness are our key words.
We travel the island's agricultural lands in search of the highest quality in each fruit.
We buy them from the hands of local farmers. The fruits must be healthy, fragrant and must hold up well in alcohol.
Our production schedule is based on the seasonality of the fruits, because we work exclusively with seasonal fruits to guarantee the best quality in each of our creations.

a local honey with incomparable flavors

The only sweetener we use in our Rhums Arrangés is honey. Each of our creations contains a quantity of honey adjusted for each flavor.

We use top quality local honey, handcrafted with care and respect for the environment.

The chosen flower is a secret that we keep, it is a plant endemic of Reunion island, harvested by hand organically. The 100% artisanal manufacturing method of this honey preserves all its delicate aromas and subtle flavors. Its unique taste as well as its fragrant and tangy notes bring sweetness to each creation.

Our honey comes from a traditional beekeeper, a member of our own family located a few kilometers from our workshop. His secret: paying extra attention and pampering the bees in order to meet our need for excellence.

A unique blend, a true family heirloom

The advantage of producing our Rhums Arrangés on our island is the guaranteed freshness of all our ingredients coming from the four corners of the island.

All of our fruits are hand picked and do not undergo any handling that could damage them. As soon as they arrive at the workshop, they are washed, cut and immediately bottled. The fruits must retain all their flavors in order to unfold in the rum. This requires meticulous work because we want to keep each piece intact in order to rediscover the fruit both tastefully and visually.

After bottling the fruit in the rum, the spices are added to enhance the blend. This represents a very important step in the creative process. A selection of spices was made as well as a careful dosage for each creation. In this way, each Arranged Rum is unique and perfectly balanced. This is the secret of the House, kept for several decades.

We do not add any sulfites, colorings, flavors or preservatives to our creations. Our Arranged Rums are natural and labeled 100% La Réunion.

We leave the rum, fruits and spices to macerate for a minimum of 3 months. During this period, the fruit will have revealed all its rum essence, offering a luminous color and a delicious scent.

All steps are done by hand, bottle by bottle.


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