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Arranged Rum with or without ice cubes?

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We present to you a second article highlighting the art of tasting your Arranged Rum, in order to shed light on the various questions that regularly come to us. As previously stated, there is no absolute rule for tasting an Arranged Rum, each taster being unique. However, a few tips can enhance your taste experience.

Arranged rum, with or without ice cubes?

This question comes up frequently and deserves an informed answer. Historically, Rhum Arrangé is a drink consumed at room temperature. Its origin dates back to the holds of boats sailing on the route to India in the 17th century. Sailors, keen to preserve fresh fruits and spices, immersed them in alcohol for their long journeys. Once at their destination, they enjoyed both the fruit and the spirit drink, at room temperature. Thus, to respect tradition and fully savor the aromas, it is advisable to taste Arranged Rum at room temperature. However, adding ice cubes, although not prohibited, is not recommended. Indeed, ice tends to anesthetize the aromas, thus altering the tasting. In addition, once melted, the ice cubes dilute their water in the Arranged Rum, impacting the perception of flavors. However, for those wanting to refresh their taste, stone ice cubes are a possible alternative.

How to serve a frosted rum?

For those with a sweet tooth, a tasting of frosted Arranged Rum is just as enjoyable. After enjoying your creation at room temperature, as previously recommended, you can serve your Rhum Arrangé frosted for a refreshing moment. To do this, we advise you to gently stir your carafe to ensure a balance of flavors, then place it in a cool place (freezer) for about an hour. Upon exit, serve and accompany your Rhum Arrangé with savory bites for a sublime taste experience. At Arrangé Blard, we offer specific dishes for each flavor, in order to accentuate your taste pleasure.

Share your experience with us!

And you, what is your way of enjoying your Arranged Rum? What are your preferences ? We would love to learn about your tasting rituals and habits. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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