Arranged Rum with or without ice cubes?

We offer you a second article focused on tasting your Arranged Rum in order to answer the various questions that we regularly receive 😊 We have already produced an article which guides you in the tasting of your Arrangé just here.

As we often point out there are no rules for enjoying an Arranged Rum, each consumer being unique. However, there are some tips for maximize your taste experience.

Arranged Rum with or without ice cubes? 

The question that comes up a lot! We will try to give you an answer.
First of all, it is good to remember that Arranged Rum was originally a drink that has been and is enjoyed at room temperature.

Little historical reminder: you should know that this drink was born in the holds of ships sailing the route to India in the 17th century. Indeed, sailors from Africa, Asia, Madagascar and neighboring islands had the wonderful idea of ​​adding fresh fruits and spices to alcohol to preserve them during their long journeys. Once their journeys were over, they tasted the fruits but also the delicious spirit drink created as if by magic... And of course at room temperature!

Therefore, if you wish to respect the tradition of enjoy it at room temperature ! 😃 and if you are a lover of spirits and want to feel the sensations 100% (smell and palate) we also advise you to taste it this way.
However, adding ice cubes is not prohibited… But is also not recommended. Indeed, ice cream is known to anesthetize aromas. Your Arranged Rum will therefore lose slightly in taste if you add it. 

In addition, once your ice cube has melted, its water will mix with the Arranged Rum, which can also alter the perception of flavors.

However, you can still enjoy your Arranged Rum without the ice cubes being diluted by opting for ice cubes stones. Used wisely they can do the job 😉

How to enjoy and serve a frosted Arranged Rum?

As indicated above, to respect tradition and if you are a fan of Arrangé Rum we advise you to enjoy it at room temperature.

On the other hand, for the most gourmands, a tasting of your frosted Arranged Rum is just as appreciable, so you wonder how to serve a frosted Arranged Rum?

When its maceration suits you and after having tasted it for the first time at room temperature (this is important) you can absolutely serve your Arranged Rum like a refreshing drink around an aperitif.

To do this, we recommend that you first gently stir your carafe so that the ingredients mix between them thus creating a balance of flavors both visually and tastefully. Then place your carafe in the fridge (freezer) for 1 hour, take out, serve and enjoy it accompanied by savory appetizers for example 😊

At Arrangé Blard we recommend specific dishes for each flavor in order to enhance your taste experience (you will find the details under each of the product pages.)
So your Arranged Rum will be refreshing and perfect for a moment refreshing and delicious.

And how do you enjoy your Arranged Rum? What is your preference ?

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