Pineapple Rhum Arrangé Recipe (Victoria), the real Reunion recipe

How to make your Victoria Pineapple Rhum Arrangé ? At Arrangé Blard, it’s the excellence of our raw materials who make Exceptional Rhums Arrangés. Discover some secrets of the House to make a success of your Rhum Arrangé Pineapple Victoria.

Where and how to choose your Victoria pineapple?

If you live in Reunion and it is high season, you will easily find one everywhere ! Fairground markets, supermarkets and even roadside markets.

If you live in mainland France or elsewhere, you will find them in specialized store in fruits and vegetables.

As for the choice of pineapple, great attention must be paid to it, it requires having a good look And a good sense of smell ! The choice of your pineapple will determine the taste quality of your Rhum Arrangé.

We advise you to choose a pineapple wall, but not too much. The more or less pronounced yellow color as well as a powerful scent present a ripe pineapple. Be careful, the color criterion can sometimes prove confusing: the Victoria pineapple can be green or green/yellow but have a perfectly ripe fruit... We strongly recommend that you rely on her perfume.
Concerning its conservation, 2 to 3 maximum at room temperature.

Cut your Victoria pineapple

At Arrangé Blard, the making of our Arrangé Rums is 100% artisanal and handmade ! One of our favorite fruits to prepare is the Victoria Pineapple, because cutting a pineapple is quite a expertise, almost an art !

Some tips:

  1. Place your pineapple lying on a flat surface and cut out the part with leaves, called the crown, as well as the lower part of the fruit
  1. Place your pineapple upright on a flat surface and begin removing the skin with a sharp knife
  2. Once the skin is removed, remove the eyes following the diagonals of the fruit
  3. Slice the pineapple into a circle, then cut these same circles into thin strips

Essential ingredients for a successful Victoria Pineapple Rhum Arrangé

1 Victoria pineapple La Réunion ripe, the best pineapple in France
1 clove of Vanilla bourbon from Reunion Island, the best in the world
1 white rum from Reunion Island, pure cane brandy sugar
A key sweet of your choice: brown sugar, honey, syrup
Spices that you like combine with pineapple

Your pineapple slices are ready, along with the rest of your ingredients. All that remains is to assemble them according to your preferences... Sweet, powerful, fruity, mild, for a minimum duration of 3 months!
The longer you leave your Rhum Arrangé to macerate, the better it will be.

The secret of a Distinct and perfectly balanced Rhum Arrangé lies in the meticulous assembly of quality ingredients... Maison Arrangé Blard will keep this secret!

How to enjoy my Pineapple Rhum Arrangé ?

The sunny color of the pineapple sticks mixed with the aromas of vanilla forms a golden yellow hue with amber nuances. A real invitation to a journey in the tropics.
The predominant flavor of pineapple is first olfactory sensation, then complemented by pleasant notes of vanilla.
Long in the mouth, the aromatic interior of the pineapple results in a rich and powerful palace, revealing a vanilla dimension, all rounded off by a fresh and floral final note.

Victoria Pineapple Rhum Arrangé can be enjoyed at room temperature or frosted according to your preferences.
As an aperitif, you can accompany it with savory appetizers, such as samosas, savory toast, fresh verines, etc.
As a digestive, Pineapple Rhum Arrangé is best enjoyed after a seafood dish! Shellfish, tartars... It goes perfectly well with it.

You now have the best tips for making your Victoria Pineapple Rhum Arrangé ! Tell us in the comments if you have already made one? 👇🏾

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