What to do with the fruits of Rhum Arrangé?

Months have passed (or weeks for those with a sweet tooth!) and your bottle of Arranged Rum is empty... You wonder how reuse the fruits, spices, vanilla from your started Arranged Rum? We tell you everything!

To begin, we would like to remind you of the principle of maceration. At Arrangé Blard, maceration is 2 to 3 months minimum. Indeed, after having completed the assembly, we leave the Arranged Rums to macerate in our production workshop, at around 25°. During these months, the alcohol of the rum will delicately extract the aromas of fruits, vanilla and spices to create one extremely delicious and fine blend.

Our Arranged Rums are regularly stirred carefully to optimize the diffusion of all the aromas. And 3 months later we get a Perfectly balanced Arranged Rum endowed with great finesse.

To learn more about our know-how! 

When and how to remove the fruit from an empty bottle of Rhum Arrangé?

First of all, note that Arranged Rum has no expiration date, in other words there is no need to remove your fruit on a specific date, you can remove them once the bottle has been opened. According to your feedback, the bottles don't last very long and empty quite quickly! 😉

As for how to remove the fruit, at Arrangé Blard, the aesthetics of our creations are very important, This is why the fruits are cut into thin strips and evenly, which greatly facilitates their extraction.

However, if you want to go quickly, you can tilt the bottle and collect the fruit using long pliers for example, or even a hook-shaped iron on which you will hook and then pull the fruit.

What to do with the fruits of Rhum Arrangé?After emptying your bottle, you will discover fruits soaked in flavors and extremely powerful in the mouth. It would be a shame to throw them away, which is why several choices are available to you!

We do not recommend adding rum to make another Arranged Rum, the fruit will not have enough aromatic power to obtain a tasty result.

  1. Taste the fruits of your started Arranged Rum

The first thing you can do is simply eat them straight! 😊
This is not possible for all fruits, but we recommend experimenting with it at the end of the Arranged Rums Pineapple, Letchi, Longani, Lemon Pebble, Bibasse.. A pure delight! (Adults only)

  1. Use the fruits of your Arranged Rum for a cocktail
Cocktails de fruits fait à partir des fruits d'un Rhum Arrangé
 © Sam Hojati

You can also use the fruits as ingredients for delicious cocktails. To do this, you can mix them or pierce them and add them to your preparation. You can also add them whole, without mixing them. Give way to your creativity! For this option, we recommend that you reuse the fruits of Arranged Rums: Lemon Pebble, Pineapple, Guava, Mango José, Letchi, or even Longani.

  1. Flambé the fruits of your started Arranged Rum

Fruits (soaked in flavors) flambéed? A real explosion in the mouth... In a pan, flambé them with very little alcohol then combine them with ice cream or fruit salad. A pure delight!

We recommend that you reuse the fruits of Arranged Rums Pineapple, lychee, longani, or bibass.

  1. Use the fruits of your Rhum Arrangé for cakes and sweets

And finally the most common way to reuse the fruits of your Arranged Rum is to use them for cakes, sweets, jams etc. You can directly incorporate the fruits into your dough or flambé them beforehand depending on your preferences. Crumble, soft, tart… The gourmet options are numerous! 🤩

Gâteau à base de fruits issus d'un Rhum Arrangé
  ©Oscar Ivan

What to do with the vanilla and spices of Rhum Arrangé?

Now that the fruit has been reused, let's see how to reuse the vanilla as well as the spices!

Vanille de Bourbon à réutiliser après un Rhum Arrangé entamé
  © Sophie Poisson

Bourbon vanilla (the best in the world!) has retained its full potential provided that the pod is still loaded with grains. If it has been opened, it may have less flavor. However, if it is intact, remove it from the bottle and let it dry for 24 hours in ambient air.

After a few days, you will find vanilla like new, ready to flavor all your preparations! Sweet and savory dishes, cakes, tarts, pancake batter, fruit salads…  You can use it as such or make one vanilla powder, and thus create vanilla sugar, vanilla salt… And of course flavor all your preparations in another way. 🤤

As for spices, it is more complicated to reuse them, because most of them are in powder form.

If you have other ways to reuse the fruits and spices from your Arranged Rums, do not hesitate to share your ideas with us in the comments. 😃

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