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Tamarind Rhum Arrangé “Wood Skin”

Spicy – Woody – Generous | 40.97%

Tamarind Rhum Arrangé is probably the most original and rare creation in our collection. This surprising fruit, both honeyed and tangy, reveals the woody flavors that Reunion Island abounds with. Mixed with white rum it will take you on a journey to the tropical forests.


The brown color of its pulp containing small black seeds offers an amber color with bronze nuances. Over time, the delicately arranged pulp naturally rejects its small peels which settle at the bottom of the carafe.


Directly recognizable tamarind, woody and spicy


An explosion of flavor that is tangy, full-bodied and generous. Powerful and very sustained in the mouth.

Tasting of tamarind Rhum Arrangé

You will enjoy this Arrangé Tamarin rum as an aperitif accompanied by savory appetizers: corks, samosa, fritters, or even savory toast.


Tamarind is one of the rare fruits or “frui lontan” of Reunion island. Its shell contains a brown pulp reminiscent of dates, offering a taste that is both sweet and tangy. It is available in Reunion island from August to October.


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