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José Mango Rhum Arrangé “Sweet Lava”

Gentle – Distinguished – Harmonious | 36.7 %

This José Mango Rhum Arrangé is a real invitation to discover the sweetness of a variety of mango from Reunion Island. A mango with an incomparable taste!


Its golden strips increased tenfold in the rum reveal a light yellow tint punctuated with soft gold reflections.


Very subtle mango note at the end of the nose, sweet and pleasant


Delicate flavor of Creole yogurt cake, no acidity, the sweetness of mango on the finish

Tasting of José Mango Rhum Arrangé

You will appreciate this Mango José Rhum Arrangé more as a digestive or with a dessert. It goes very well at the end of a spicy dish or as an accompaniment to a chocolate dessert.

Jose mango

The josé mango is one of the favorite fruits of reunionese. Renowned for their pretty round shape and their unique scent, its flesh is firm and very sweet. Its colors vary from yellow to light green to pink. It is found on the shelves from November to April, which corresponds to the hot season on the island. The people of Reunion island love it!


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