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Longan Rhum Arrangé “Dragon Eye”

Subtle – Suave – Pleasant | 37.71%

Dragon eye is one of the most delicious creations in the collection thanks to its naturally sweet fruit: longani. Give in to this combination that is both delicious and surprising.


Its light yellow color reveals beautiful golden reflections. The white flesh of the longani is dispersed throughout the bottle, mixed with the black color of bourbon vanilla, it offers a color reflecting softness and lightness.


Delicate and delicious, very subtle longani nose.


An atypical taste between Creole yogurt cake and English sweets on the first palate, well-recognizable honey and a longani finish.

Tasting of longan Rhum Arrangé

You will enjoy tasting this Longani rum as a digestive after a spicy meat dish, such as the famous Rougail sausages! At room temperature or frozen.

The Longan

Longani (called like this in Reunion, but also known as “dragon’s eye”) is the cousin of lychee. Its light brown, smooth and fine skin and its extremely sweet pulp make it a fruit very appreciated by the people of Reunion. Arriving just after the lychee season, from February to May, it allows you to prolong the exotic pleasures to the delight of gourmands.


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