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Lychee Rhum Arrangé “Moon Stone”

Floral – Bold – Light | 36.67%

The unmistakable Lychee Rhum Arrangé, or “Moon stone”, is a true alliance of sweetness and power. The blend with Reunion lychees, of course, offers an exceptional aromatic character. Its juicy and naturally sweet flesh pairs perfectly with white rum and other ingredients.


The juicy flesh of the lychee is dispersed throughout the bottle to reveal an orange-yellow color. Warm tones reminiscent of the lychee season in Reunion: summer.


Lychee at the start of the nose, sweet and aromatic


A fragrant, very floral blend with a predominance of pronounced lychee. Rosa geranium finish.

Tasting of lychee Rhum Arrangé

You will appreciate this litchi rum accompanied by slightly sweet treats, such as Creole cakes: sweet potato cake, cassava cake or chocolate banana cake. And if it's the season, it goes perfectly with a tasting of fresh lychees!


This small heart-shaped red fruit with leathery skin hides extremely juicy and sweet flesh. In Reunion, the lychee orchards represent around 500 ha and have the prestigious red label, promoting their exceptional quality: juicier, more aromatic and tastier lychees. The season begins in December until the end of January.


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