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Strawberry Guava Rhum Arrangé “Tropical Ruby”

Delicious – Tangy – Long in the mouth | 37.2%

Tropical Ruby is one of the most original creations in our collection. It reveals the taste qualities of a fruit prized by the people of Reunion: the strawberry guava or the Chinese guava. Let yourself be tempted by the sweetness and acidity of this small tropical red fruit.


At the start of maceration, its color is amber, then over the months, the original color of the guava flesh gradually takes over and reveals a bright red color.


Guava directly, tangy and powerful.


Tangy and delicious with the recognizable guava flavor at the beginning of the mouth, vanilla arrives at the end of the mouth as well as a slight spicy side.

Tasting of Strawberry Guava Rhum Arrangé

You will appreciate this Strawberry Guava Rhum Arrangé more at the end of a salty and spicy meal: spicy salad, meat skewer... At room temperature or frosted.
More tasting tips are available here.

The Strawberry guava

In Reunion island, we call the fruit of the Guava tree “strawberry Guava” and not the guava. This small tropical fruit can have a red or yellow color. Its season begins in April and ends in August. Picking is a leisure activity on the island, a real ritual for Reunionese families.


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