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Lemon Rhum Arrangé “Yellow Diamond”

Nervous – Loyal – Bitterness | 36.9%

Yellow Diamond is undoubtedly the most acidic creation in our collection. With great taste freshness and an incomparable fragrance, it subtly reveals the notes of a rare citrus fruit from the Indian Ocean: Lemon.


Its elegantly arranged skin and flesh reveal a light color with aniseed green reflections at the start of maceration. Then an amber yellow color will appear over the weeks.


Citrus, very fragrant and fresh


Ample, a nice touch of bitterness balanced with the presence of honey, very fresh with a strong citrus note

Tasting of Lemon Rhum Arrangé

This Lemon Rhum Arrangé can be enjoyed as an aperitif or digestive, at room temperature or shaken. It goes perfectly with spicy appetizers or the end of a sweet treat.
More tasting tips are available here.


This rare citrus fruit from the Indian Ocean is a tangy little treasure with an incomparable scent. Its skin, contrasted by small craters, is green in color. It is a fruit that grows all year round on the Reunion island, where it is exclusively intended for the local market. You won't find it anywhere else. Of great taste quality, it is widely used in Reunionese cuisine.


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