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Victoria Pineapple Rhum Arrangé “Queen Victoria”

Floral – vanilla – subtle | 36.6 %

The Victoria Pineapple Rhum Arrangé is a must-have in the Rhum Arrangé family. The Victoria pineapple, a little treasure from Reunion Island with a golden color and exceptional aromatic qualities, is considered the best pineapple in the world. Its juicy and tasty flesh pairs perfectly with white rum and exceptional spices.


The sunny color of the pineapple sticks mixed with the aromas of vanilla forms a light yellow tint with amber nuances. A real invitation to a trip to the tropics.


The predominant scent of caramelized pineapple is the first olfactory sensation, then complemented by pleasant notes of acidity.


A very beautiful harmony on the palate, between the sweetness of honey and acidity of pineapple, a slightly vanilla finish

Tasting of Victoria Pineapple Rhum Arrangé

You will appreciate your Victoria Pineapple rum more as a digestive. Why not after a seafood dish, shellfish, tartares... It goes perfectly well with it.

The Victoria Pineapple

The Victoria pineapple is truly a royal pineapple. Its juicy and tasty flesh is sweeter than a traditional pineapple. It is eaten raw, flambéed, or even in cakes; it is widely used in Reunionese cuisine to bring a touch of exoticism to the dish. It can be found on the shelves from October to February.


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