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the incredible history of Rhum Arrangé

Maison Arrangé Blard was founded of Reunion island, by the Blard family, a passionate Reunionese family inspired by their ancestral traditions.


To be able to create exceptional Rhum Arrangé, you need exceptional ingredients. And for exceptional ingredients, you need an exceptional land: Reunion Island.

Reunion is an intense tropical island located in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Originally covered in lava, it was formed three million years ago by the explosion of 2 volcanoes. These volcanic ashes then gave birth to soils of rare and exceptional richness.

Beyond an immense diversity of landscapes, Reunion island is also known for being a land of extremely rich diversity given its history.

The birth of Rhum Arrangé

Rhum Arrangé tells the story of our island.

It was in the 17th century that the seafarers on the route to the Indies - originally from Africa, Asia, Madagascar and neighboring islands - had the wonderful idea of inserting fresh fruits and spices into alcohol in the sole purpose of preserving them during their long journeys. Then as the voyages progressed, the sailors began to taste and appreciate the mysterious spirit drink that they had randomly created.

This tradition has spanned the centuries and has made Rhum Arrangé the emblematic drink of Reunion Island, considered to be the heritage and expression of this powerful diversity.

The story of a family inspired by their island and its traditions

Farmers from generation to generation, the Blard family (father, son and cousin) aims to offer Rhum Arrangé the place it deserves: a product of excellence, a legacy honoring an ancestral tradition and an exceptional territory.

At home, the artisanal and traditional creation of Rhums Arrangés has spanned decades. Over the years, a unique recipe has been developed by Josian Blard (the father), producing Rhums Arrangés with an incomparable taste.

The strength of the House is above all the heritage of family know-how forged by several generations.

Discover the savoir-faire of the Maison

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