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How to make a successful Rhum Arrangé?

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Prepare a premium quality arranged rum requires a expertise thoroughness of the balance of flavors, a understanding sharp fruit and spices, as well as a awareness details of the environment in which the rum evolves. 
Discover in this article essential tips and advice for making your arranged rum a success, highlighting fruits and spices for a unforgettable taste experience.

The excellence of an exceptional arranged rum lies in the quality of its ingredients.
THE meticulous choice rum, fruit and spices of capital importance.

Each component must be selected precisely to ensure experience superior sensory. In fact, the subtlety flavors, wealth aromas and balance of notes depend on this rigorous selection. Choosing the finest ingredients is therefore a fundamental step in the creation of an arranged rum of first quality, worthy of the palaces the most demanding.

It is also this rigor in choosing quality ingredients that is our main asset, at Arrange Blard !

Which Rum to choose for a quality Arranged Rum?

To produce a quality Arranged Rum, the choice of rum is important. Paramount importance. Opt for one traditional white rum or one agricultural rum, both offering distinct characteristics.

  • Traditional rum, from sugar cane molasses, is distinguished by its power, her purity and his freshness
  • Agricultural rum, made from pure cane juice, reveals more intense, fruity And complex to tame.

Select your rum based on the fruits to pair, exploring the unique flavors offered by each variety of white rum. Of the coffee notes, of coconut or banana can thus enrich your creation.

A good white rum characterized by subtle aromas sugars and spices at nose, while his mouth reveals a dominant sugar cane, enhanced with spicy nuances.

In summary, opt for a white rum elegant and balanced, perfectly matched to the fruits selected for your Arranged Rum.

The 4 golden rules to follow when choosing the right fruits for Arranged Rum 

  • Respect for the seasons: Within Maison Arrangé Blard, our engagement towards excellence leads us to exclusively favor only seasonal fruits from Reunion Island.

    In fact, the fruits subjected to forced maturity or those imported from other regions inevitably suffer from loss of freshness and quality
    To ensure authenticity and the aromatic richness of our creations, we rely on fruits harvested at the optimal time of their seasonality, thus capturing all their splendor and liveliness.

    Trick : To determine favorable periods when picking local fruits from Reunion Island, we invite you to refer to this table (Click here)

  • The quality : It is always recommended to favor fruits grown by local producers, which guarantees their freshness and quality while encouraging the local economy. At the house of Arrangé Blard, we undertook to select carefully the best island producers for each variety of fruit.

    The vast majority of our fruits come from biological agriculture, which guarantees their purity and naturalness. Fruits that have ripened in boat holds, those subject to forced maturity or those who have suffered long transports. These fruits are often recognized by their aexternal appearance almost immaculate and their higher caliber to normal.

    He is preferable to opt for fruits with external imperfections, because they are generally healthier and offer flavors richer and more authentic.
    By opting for fruit fresh and natural, you ensure a taste experience exceptional in your Arranged Rum, where the aromas of the fruits will be revealed in a dazzling and refined way.

  • Ideal maturity: The selection of fruits for the preparation of an Arranged Rum requires special attention their maturity.
    When purchasing it is essential to choose fruits that are ripe but not too advanced in their maturation.
  • For passion fruit, a purple or brown color and a wrinkled texture indicate a optimal sugar level.
  • The lychees must be of bright red with a firm shell.
  • For the José mango, a slight flexibility At to touch is a sign of ideal maturity.
  • Regarding the Victoria Pineapple, its yellow color more or less intense associated with a powerful scent indicates that it is ready for use.
  • Taste : To ensure the quality, maturity and authentic seasonality of fruits, nothing beats a direct tasting. When you taste a fruit, you should perceive a sweet flavor and an juicy texture, characteristics of its full maturity and its seasonal freshness.

    At Arrangé Blard, each fruit is meticulously evaluated And tasted to ensure its optimal quality and flavor before being integrated in our Arranged Rum preparations.

It is recommended to favor all-natural spices, preferably in the form of grains rather than powder. Among these essential spices include cinnamon, cloves and of course, vanilla.

Regarding vanilla, here are some criteria to identify its quality:

  • Color : Black or dark brown pods |
  • Length : ~ 10 to 27 cm long and 8 to 15mm of diameter
  • Appearance : Pods should be plump and thick
  • Maturity : Between 6 and 12 months then refined at least 90 days.

The addition of a sweet note in your Arranged Rum is essential to give it a pleasant softness. Whether you opt for brown sugar, syrup or honey, your choice will depend on your taste preferences.

At Arrangé Blard, we favor honey from Reunion Island, carefully selected for its original quality and its delicious delicacy. However, we keep certain details secret regarding its mysterious sweetness..

  • Knowledge of ingredients: Preparing a perfect Arranged Rum requires in-depth understanding ingredients that make up this enchanting liquor.

    Mastery of fruits and spices, as well as recognition of subtle nuances of each component, of its skin to its seeds, are essential for creating assemblies at a time unique And delicious.

    At Arrangé Blard, we preserve fruit integrity thanks to careful cutting, thus guaranteeing the optimal conservation of their flavors.
  • Preparation of ingredients: When preparing your Arranged Rum, the process begins with a meticulous washing fruit, followed by intelligent cutting Who preserves all of their aromas. Each piece must be handled with care to preserve its quality taste And visual.

    At Arrangé Blard, this step is carried out with the greatest care, thus guaranteeing that each fruit retains its authenticity and flavor.
  • Balance and dosage: The quest for an Arranged Rum perfectly balanced requires in-depth knowledge of the flavors of each ingredient. This mastery is essential for dose precisely the components and create a exquisite taste harmony. To this end, it is imperative to taste, test, experiment And adjust according to preferences individual.
  • Uniqueness of the fruit: He is not recommended to mix several fruits in the preparation of an authentic Arranged Rum. Indeed, this practice risks dilute flavors and of compromise the balance desired taste.

    Instead, favor the use ofa single fruit to preserve its distinctive character and its aromatic richness.
  • Spice association: On the other hand, the association of a fruit with one or more spices offers a palette of flavors more complex and refined.

    This approach requires a concise selection of spices and of their dosage, depending on individual preferences but also desired shades in Arranged Rum.

    It’s up to everyone to choose the spices that will enhance his taste experience and will compose an unforgettable aromatic symphony.

Maceration represents the phase longer And crucial in the making of an Arranged Rum, the process just beginning. It is essential not to relegate your creation to the back of a cupboard waiting a few months before tasting it.

There maceration time varies depending on various factors, such as your place of residence and the fruit used. At the house of Arranged Blard, our Arranged Rums are macerated for a minimum of 3 months, in our workshop nestled in the heights of Reunion.

They thus benefit from an optimal environment, with temperature and one humidity level ideal for a perfect maceration. During this 3 month period, our Arranged Rums are meticulously agitated has regular intervals, thus allowing the fruit to fully release its aromas, to cross different maturation phases and establish a sensory harmony unique.

Evaluate success of your Arranged Rum requires a sensory approach refined. At Arrangé Blard, during our internal tastings, we grant special attention to several criteria.
We carefully examine the aromatic power fruit, let's look for separate notes and evaluate length in the mouth.
These subtle details allow us to determine the quality and balance of each creation.

Want to optimize the tasting of your perfectly matured Arranged Rum?
Check out our dedicated article here.

We hope you liked this article, and that it made you want to try it.

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