How to enjoy my Rhum Arrangé?

How to enjoy my Arranged Rum? When should I taste my Arranged Rum? In truth there are no rules, there are just tips to maximize this great moment of tasting.

Our 3 primary recommendations

  1. If you are discovering your Blard Arranged Rum for the first time and want to fully feel all the flavors, the best time for a tasting is in the morning at 11 a.m., preferably on an empty stomach. Your nose and palate will be much more sensitive. Of course you can also taste your Arranged Rum for the first time as an aperitif or digestive, you will also feel all the notes and flavors!
  2. Always serve your Arranged Rum in a clean and dry glass, contact with other liquids can radically alter the taste. Contact with water should also be avoided.
  3. For a privileged and intimate tasting moment, a single glass of Rhum Arrangé is enough. For a more festive moment, you can consume it in the form of several shots.

At what temperature should I enjoy my Arranged Rum?

If you decide to taste it as a digestive we advise you Room temperature.

Indeed, according to tradition, Arranged Rum is enjoyed at room temperature, so it reveals all of its notes and flavors more freely.

The addition of ice cubes is not necessary to enjoy an Arranged Rum. Inevitably the ice cube melts and releases its water which cools the liquid, as a result the Arranged Rum loses its original texture as well as the intensity of its flavors. However, you can still enjoy your Arranged Rum without the ice cubes having time to dilute by opting for stone ice cubes.

You can also taste your Frosted Arranged Rum. We recommend that you enjoy it frosted for an aperitif, so your Arranged Rum will be thirst-quenching and ideal for a fresh and delicious aperitif. To do this, keep the carafe in the freezer.

How to enjoy my Rhum Arrangé? 

The dress

In order to best appreciate your tasting, it is essential to prepare the service of your Arranged Rum. During maceration, the deposit of the ingredients will be placed at the bottom of the carafe. So to optimize your tasting we recommend that you take the carafe with your two hands, one placed down to support it and the other placed flat on the cork. Like this you will gently turn it two or three times so that the ingredients mix between them for a balance of flavors both visually and tastefully.

The nose

After merging all the flavors, serve about 3cl of Arrangé Rum in a dry, clean glass.

Lay down the glass horizontally and start running your nose all around the glass. You'll start to feel the notes the lightest who are always present at the top of the glass, then the notes the heaviest which are rather at the bottom of the glass.

Remember to alternate inspiration between the two nostrils so you can capture the aromatic diversity of your Arranged Rum. After observing and smelling your Arranged Rum, you can begin to turn gently your glass.

The palate and the mouth

After having smelled some of the flavors and notes of your Arranged Rum, you are ready for the first sip. To get started, simply start with a small amount in your mouth to prepare your palate. Arranged Rum will immediately envelop your taste buds and will diffuse its aromas without any burning. Then take a tiny sip, then a real sip. This way you will gently appreciate your Arranged Rum throughout the tasting without being surprised by a too frank attack.

How do I store my Arranged Rum? 

Arranged Rum does not have a shelf life date, in the Blard family certain Arranged Rums macerate in our cupboards For years… However, we mix them frequently in order to continue the fusion of flavors.

Take care close your carafe after each tasting, oxidation is bad for Arranged Rum; too long contact with air can degrade its power and aromas. The carafe must always remain upright, the alcohol must not attack the cork.

Your Arranged Rum will keep better away from light; you can also keep it in its box, upright.

Our final advice

Each Arranged Rum is unique, and you, dear taster, are also unique. This is why it is important that you taste it according to your desires, your preferences, your feelings! If the recommendations don't speak to you, the goal is above all to taste it as you prefer and have a good time! There is only one rule for enjoying an Arranged Rum: it’s yours.Share

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