How to choose your Rhum Arrangé?

Before giving you our advice for choosing a good Arranged Rum, it is important to remember that Arranged Rum is not a simple raw mixture of rum, fruit and spices. This is a assembly of carefully selected ingredients offering a drink perfectly balanced : powerful, fresh and fruity.

The importance of the manufacturing process

Like any product, the manufacturing process indicates at 95% if we are dealing with a natural product or more or less industrial.

When choosing your Arranged Rum, we strongly advise you to favor manufacturers with a process of homemade.

In fact the real Arranged Rum is made in an artisanal way: the fresh fruits and whole must be worked intelligently in order to retain all their freshness and flavors, the assembly is done by hand to avoid damaging any ingredients and to control the dosage, specific spices must be combined and measured for each fruit.
A poorly processed fruit (too ripe, bad cutting, etc.), a fruit or a spice in the form of an aroma will absolutely not have the same taste than a fruit 100% natural, fresh and hand-picked and ripe.
Industrially made Arranged Rums tend to taste the same and may lack natural flavors.

This artisanal process also makes it possible to master the alcohol level. A real Arranged Rum must have a temperature greater than 30°. 

The place of manufacture

Real Arranged Rum is essentially composed of ingredients “tropical” : rum, exotic fruits and spices.
If you wish to purchase a Fresh and authentic Arranged Rum, we advise you to favor manufacturers based in the sugar islands : Reunion in the first place (which is the cradle of Rhum Arrangé), the Vanilla Islands of the Indian Ocean, as well as the Antilles. (Be careful not to confuse Rhum Arrangé and West Indian Punch!)
In fact, all the ingredients will come from a single land, which will guarantee their freshness and will also allow you to opt for a more eco-responsible consumption.

The origin and quality of the ingredients

When purchasing your Rhum Arrangé, remember to take a look at the back label to know the ingredients, their shape, as well as their origin.  
Indeed, as indicated above, the more the ingredients are natural and come from a single land, the more Arranged Rum will be natural, fresh and tasty.
And above all remember that the most authentic tradition in the creation of an Arranged Rum is to preserve whole natural fruits and spices in the bottle. 


The importance of the bottling date

Real Arranged Rum must macerate for at least 3 months.  
To ensure that this maceration time essential to a good Arranged Rum is respected, favor manufacturers who register the bottling date on each of their creations.
This will allow you to know the maceration duration to date. Also you can enjoy your Arranged Rum at the maceration stage that you like.

Where to buy good Arranged Rum in Reunion?

To buy a good Arranged Rum, we advise you to go to the specialty stores : cellars and delicatessens, manufacturers' houses, spirits stores.
Most of these sales outlets work with small structures certainly offering a small quantity of products but which will be of greater and better quality.
Also, generally these stores are managed by experts in the field, you will therefore benefit from a personalized customer experience generally including a tasting, with a competent and attentive team who will be able to give you advice that you will not be able to obtain in a supermarket, for example.
In fact, if you want to buy a real tasty and fresh Arranged Rum, supermarkets and hypermarkets, often synonymous with large production chains, should be banned.
Tastings organized by manufacturers are also another good place to buy good Rhum Arrangé in Reunion! Do not hesitate to visit their social platforms to find out about their news and upcoming events.

Thank you for reading this article ! Tell us in the comments your advice for choosing a good Arranged Rum 😃

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