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How to sweeten an Arranged Rum?

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After a significant maceration time, you take the initiative to taste your Arranged Rum, but notice that its flavor does not meet your expectations, thus wishing soften his character.

Several factors can be at the origin of this situation: an inadequate proportion of ingredients, insufficient maceration, or even the use of lower quality raw materials. Explore our recommendations for temper and readjustr an Arranged Rum.

The addition of sugar to an Arranged Rum takes on crucial importance, enhancing the aromas while imparting a touch of sweetness. However, it is imperative that sugar does not overshadow other flavors, because an authentic Arranged Rum is distinguished by its subtle balance between power, sweetness and persistence on the palate.

Certain Arranged Rums are distinguished by the total absence of sugar, thus demonstrating their excellence.

  • Cane Sugar: Deeply rooted in Reunion's history as a sugar island, brown cane sugar is a suitable choice for sweetening your Rhum Arrangé. Obtained from natural sugar cane molasses, this variety of sugar offers a subtle aromatic note.
  • Honey : Traditionally used at Arrangé Blard for generations, honey gives natural sweetness to Rhum Arrangé. Whether it is forest, tree or flower honey, their sweet flavors add a subtle dimension to the drink.
  • The sirup : A viable alternative for sweetening your Rhum Arrangé, cane sugar syrup, maple syrup or even rum-vanilla syrup offer a range of options. However, the use of syrup must be measured, as it can weigh down the texture and creaminess of the Arranged Rum.

The amount of sugar, whatever its form, must be calculated based on the fruit used in the preparation. As a general rule, sugar should account for between 10% and 20% of the total volume. It is essential to maintain a delicate balance, because an excess of sugar distorts the character Arranged Rum.

At Arrangé Blard, we have inherited an ancestral recipe, precisely defining the optimal moment to incorporate the sweet touch into our Arrangé Rums (a closely guarded secret).
For novices and amateurs, we recommend waiting between one and a half months and two months after initial preparation. This delay allows the fruits to release their natural sugars and integrate harmoniously with other flavors.

In short, each taster is unique and has their own palate, and the choice of adding a sweet touch to their Arranged Rum is a matter of personal preference.

And you, which sweetener do you prefer to incorporate into your Arranged Rum? ?
Don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments!

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