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About us – Discover our values

In a family business like ours, the family culture and the corporate culture are very similar. Authenticity, responsibility and excellence are our […]

How to enjoy my Rhum Arrangé?

How to enjoy my Rhum Arrangé? When should I taste my Rhum Arrangé? In truth there are no rules, there […]

What to do with the fruits of Rhum Arrangé?

The months have passed (or weeks for those with a sweet tooth!) and your bottle of Rhum Arrangé is emptying… You […]

10 things to know about the Victoria pineapple from Reunion 🍍

Its spicy green crown, its small size, its dark yellow and sweet flesh (sweeter than a traditional pineapple) make […]

Pineapple Rhum Arrangé Recipe (Victoria), the real Reunion recipe

How to make your Victoria Pineapple Arranged Rum? At Arrangé Blard, it is the excellence of our raw materials that makes exceptional Arrangé Rums. Discover […]

How to make a successful Rhum Arrangé?

Making an exceptional Rhum Arrangé requires perfect mastery of balance, great knowledge of fruits, spices, as well as the environment in which […]

Why is Reunion's Rhum Arrangé the best?

Why choose a Rhum Arrangé from Reunion? Rhum Arrangé is a very popular drink today, especially in […]

How to choose your Rhum Arrangé?

Before giving you our advice for choosing a good Rhum Arrangé, it is important to remember that Rum […]

Arranged Rum with or without ice cubes?

We offer you a second article focused on tasting your Arranged Rum in order to answer the various questions that we regularly receive 😊 […]

How to sweeten an Arranged Rum?

After a few months of maceration, you decide to taste your Arranged Rum, but the flavor does not suit you […]


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