10 things to know about the Victoria pineapple from Reunion 🍍

Its spicy green crown, its small size, its dark yellow and sweet flesh (sweeter than a traditional pineapple) make it the King of tropical fruits, the King of local gastronomy!

The Victoria pineapple is a real journey to the tropics himself. We invite you to discover its history, its culture, its qualities and the benefits of this fruit of excellence on our health.

1. The Victoria pineapple comes from Reunion Island!

The history of the Pineapple is still a little vague but it is probably a story of travel... The first pineapples were discovered in South America, at the time occupied by Native Americans. The latter would then have named her “nana” which would be translated “fragrant”. 

Several countries are trying its cultivation but its plantations require hot temperatures!

It's in 1668 that the pineapple is making its appearance on our island, the Reunion Island, where there is an original tropical climate, volcanic lands with rich and unique soil… Reunion adopts the pineapple and made him the King of tropical fruits!

2. Pineapple “Victoria” aka Queen Victoria!

The name “Victoria” pineapple was given in homage to the Queen of England who loved it.

3. The Victoria pineapple is the best pineapple in the world

Victoria pineapple is certified best pineapple in France with obtaining the prestigious red label in 2006 and certified best pineapple in the world in the hearts of all Reunion Islanders!

4. The sweetest pineapple in the world 

The Victoria pineapple ise small and sweetest Of all the pineapples, everything can be eaten at home, even the core! Its juicy and tender flesh contains a perfect sugar content, a slight hint of acidity, a fruity aroma, a real delight for a real trip, it's the best in the world!

5. Growing Victoria pineapple is a demanding crop

Victoria pineapple cultivation and market are niche. In Reunion we count 150 producers300 hectares of plantations for approximately 1,200 tonnes of pineapples harvested per year. Pineapple plantations extend over vast plots of land in the east and south of the island.

It is necessary to count on average 15 months for 1 pineapple, it’s a capricious fruit! Soil preparation is a crucial step; it must be in line with the climate. Planting requires good sunshine, a temperature of 25° to 30° and at an altitude below 1,000 meters.

Each pineapple is harvested by hand and its handling is done with great delicacy, due to its sharp bark. The season begins in October and ends in February.

6. Its green or yellow/green color can hide an already mature fruit

Generally the fruit is ripe when it becomes more or less pronounced yellow. But pineapple picking requires having a good eyesight and a good sense of smell!

In fact, sometimes a green or yellow/green pineapple can hide flesh that is already ripe and ready to be eaten. Please note that once picked, the Victoria pineapple no longer ripens.

7. Its scent remains the best clue to assess its maturity

The color criterion can sometimes prove misleading: the Victoria pineapple can be green or green/yellow but have a perfectly ripe fruit... This is why it is necessary above all rely on its scent. A ripe Victoria pineapple will release a powerful fragrance.

8. Victoria pineapple has many benefits for our health

Beyond its incredible fresh and sweet taste, Victoria Pineapple has significant virtues on our health!

He is rich in vitamin C and boosts the body by preventing small infections, such as a cold. A true ally of digestion thanks to its water and fiber content, it allows natural detoxification of the organism.

Also, pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain which is recognized as a natural anti-inflammatory… It helps in particular to fight against cancer cells.

9. It is a gourmet ally in local and world gastronomy

The Victoria pineapple is a delight in all forms ! It can be eaten raw, flambéed, in cakes, in ice cream, etc.

It is widely used in Reunionese cuisine and world cuisine to bring a touch of exoticism savory dishes and desserts… 

 10. The essential for an exceptional Pineapple Arranged Rum!

Pineapple Arranged Rum is a must-have in the Arranged Rums family. At Arrangé Blard, we only work with Victoria pineapples from Reunion Island, what's more organic. His exceptional aromatic qualities go perfectly with a blend of white rum, spices and vanilla. Discover this creation here!

You now know everything about this exceptional fruit that is the Victoria pineapple!

And what is your favorite variety of pineapple? Have you ever tasted Victoria pineapple? A Victoria Pineapple Arranged Rum?

Don’t hesitate to respond to us in the comments below! 👇🏾🤩

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