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TOP 10 useful information, everything you need to know about the Victoria pineapple

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Immerse yourself in the exotic world ofPineapple Victoria, the tropical fruit par excellence! With its tangy green crown and dark yellow flesh, the Victoria Pineapple is a sweet and flavorful fruit that instantly evokes the tropics.

In this article, explore the fascinating history, culture and unique qualities of this exotic fruit through our top 10 useful information about the Victoria Pineapple, and discover how this fruit can enrich your culinary experience with its unique flavors and health benefits.

Prepare to be transported to sunny lands and savor all the delicacy of this fruit of excellence.

Victoria Pineapple, originally from Reunion, has a fascinating history that dates back centuries. His journey began in the lands of South America, where the first pineapples were discovered by Native Americans.

These fruits, named “nana” for their intoxicating scent, captivated palates and aroused the interest of many explorers. However, their cultivation required warm temperatures, limiting their spread.

In 1668, the pineapple made its debut on the island of Reunion, seduced by its tropical climate and its rich volcanic soils. In this island paradise, the Victoria Pineapple found its fulfillment, quickly becoming the undisputed monarch tropical fruits.

The name “Victoria pineapple” was chosen in homage to the Queen Victoria of England, a big fan of this exotic fruit. His affection for pineapple was so marked that the fruit was baptized in his honour.

This anecdote illustrates the influence of royalty on the gastronomic culture and the history of certain foods.

The Victoria pineapple has been honored with the prestigious red label in 2006, consecrating it as the best pineapple in France.
This official recognition testifies to the exceptional quality of this exotic fruit.

But in reality, he is elevated to the rank of best pineapple in the world in the hearts of the Reunionese!

The Victoria pineapple embodies the pinnacle of tropical perfection, being both the most exquisite and the sweetest of all pineapples.

In this majestic variety, each element is a gastronomic treasure: Its juicy and tender flesh, without forgetting its delicately tasty heart.
With unrivaled sugar content, a slight hint of acidity and an intoxicating fruity scent, each bite is an invitation to a exceptional sensory journey

In real jewel of nature, Victoria pineapple stands out as an incomparable taste experience, unrivaled in the world of exotic fruits.

Culture and the market exclusive properties of the Victoria pineapple are areas of excellence in Reunion, where approximately 150 dedicated producers.
Distributed over 300 hectares of fertile land, these lush plantations give rise to approximately 1,200 tonnes of pineapples each year, honoring this tropical island.

Growing a Victoria Pineapple requires on average 15 months, a complex process that requires careful attention at each step.
Meticulous soil preparation, adapted to the local climate, is essential to guarantee the exceptional quality of each fruit. With strict requirements in terms of sunshine, of temperature (ideally between 25° and 30°) and altitude (less than 1,000 meters).

Each pineapple is harvested by hand with infinite delicacy, due to ssharp leaves. This captivating season runs from fall to winter, beginning in october and closing in FEBRUARY, thus offering a must-have seasonal delight for exotic fruit lovers.

Usually, the pineapple is considered ripe when it takes on a more or less intense yellow hue. However, picking the Victoria pineapple requires a trained eye but also a finely developed sense of smell.

It happens in fact that pineapples presenting a green or yellow/green tint contain flesh perfectly ripe, ready to be tasted. It is important to note that once harvested, the Victoria pineapple no longer evolves in its maturation process.

To judge the maturity of Victoria pineapple, it is essential to trust to his sense of smell. When this exotic fruit gives off a sweet and intense scent, it signals that it is ready to be tasted.

In addition to its delicious fresh and sweet taste, Victoria pineapple offers considerable benefits for health. With his wealth in vitamin C, it strengthens the immune system and helps prevent common infections such as colds. 

In addition, its high content of water and fiber makes it a valuable ally for the digestion, favoring natural detoxification of the body.

In addition, pineapple contains a enzyme called bromelain, recognized for its natural anti-inflammatory properties, this substance helps fight various ailments, including cancer cells, thus offering significant advantages for the overall health.

The Victoria pineapple is a real delectation in all its variations!
Whether fresh, flambé, in cake or ice cream, it offers an incomparable taste experience.

This exquisite fruit is widely used in Reunionese cuisine as well as in international cuisine to add an exotic note with savory and sweet dishes, thus enriching each bite with explosion of tropical flavors.

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